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(*・ω・*) Sales Post [30 Dec 2012|12:08pm]

☆ Everything here is for sale! ☆
Please feel free to make offers
Shipping Information
- I ship world wide, my location is England.
- Shipping is not included in the prices below unless stated!
- Buyer pays shipping! Fees will be added at total
- I accept Paypal only and no trades (unless Quaff/PIECElang)!
- Please pay in ££ GBP mistakes will be refunded
- No refunds or returns, I cannot afford time wasters
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Quruli band help [16 Jan 2011|12:02am]

 I'm looking to find all their all albums but I'm having trouble finding them. I have The best of Quruli and The world is Mine. Can anyone help me out?
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[22 Apr 2010|08:54pm]

Hi! This is my first post, & i'm just wondering anyone here knows where to find any albums/singles of the following: thai kick murph, mecha nero & zutans. I've been looking for ages & I haven't gotten any luck with them yet. anyway, it would be a great help for me. :D
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Japanese Rock Review Community [26 Sep 2009|11:21am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Sorry if advertising isn't allowed, but I believe this sort of group would be approriate for Japanese Indie fans as well as any other Japanese rock music lovers.

Click the Banner to enter! It is just a place to post your opinions and thoughts about Japanese rock music releases, videos, or concerts. It isn't quite active yet, but we hope that changes! We especially need help getting updates about new releases from Japanese rock artists; we want to make sure we have the whole "J-Rock spectrum" covered and that we introduce new artists to people.

Thank you,


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9mm Parabellum Bullet community [11 Sep 2008|11:07pm]

Hi, I made a 9mm Parabellum Bullet community a while ago but never properly pimped it out -- they're getting quite a bit more fame, but I thought posting here would still be appropriate, since they're not like AKFG popular but not exactly VK either, and the band is still pretty young in terms of releases:

Sorry if this post isn't allowed. ^^;
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fureai [09 Aug 2008|12:22am]

Does anyone know where I can find the music of fureai? (I've been looking for Fushigi na Hito) They're quite hard to find, and the torrents at Jpopsuki are no longer being seeded... I'd appreciate it if anyone could point me to the right direction! Thank you!
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Quruli request [23 Apr 2008|02:46pm]

Hey everyone, I have one request for Quruli's album "the world is mine" I can't find it anywhere so it'd be much appreciated ^^ Thanks
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ANATAKIKOU LJ! [21 Jan 2008|01:03am]

I made an ANATAKIKOU LJ, since there wasn't one on LJ!


I hope this type of post is allowed^^
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The Captains featured in Purple SKY Magazine [03 Nov 2007|08:25pm]


The Captains bring Romantic Garage Rock to New York, the World

If you've never been romanced by a man with a "rose that never wilts" or seen three men in identical red jackets jumping in unison on one leg while playing their instruments, well sisters and misters, have we got a band for you. Purple SKY Magazine introduces our cover artist for fall 2007, the self-proclaimed "Last Group Sounds" band, The Captains. In an exclusive interview with Kizuhiko, the eccentric leader takes us through Japan's early rock history and discusses, among other things, why he's earned the nickname "The Prince of Roses." Be prepared to swoon at the sight of the lush, full color photos of the band taken on location at Statue of Liberty Island.

The Captains aren't the only ones rockin' the boat, other indie acts are fighting for top billing, from fan favorite visual-kei artists like SID and Ayabie, to fresh faces like Back-On, Thee Out Mods, Sadie and ex-Psycho Le Cemu members seek and Aya's new monster mash, Mix Speaker's, Inc. But don't think the majors aren't in the mix, we have an exclusive you'll-never-see-this-in-Japan photo shoot and interview with hard rockers 12012, as well as Acid Black Cherry, Anna Tsuchiya, LM.C and Plastic Tree's Arimura Ryuutarou, following the band's groundbreaking performance at the Nippon Budokan.

Add a little indie love to your life this fall.

Pre-order your copy now at www.purpleskymagazine.com

Purple Sky is a quarterly English print publication dedicated to Japanese rock music and its alternative culture, sold in select Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Hot Topic stores throughout the US and at purpleskymagazine.com.
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REQUEST! [01 Nov 2007|12:24am]

sorry, i don't know if i'm going to get any answer... but o_o try wont hurt.

Does anyone have the lyrics of RADWIMP's kasa hakushu? I'M LOOKING FOR IT LIKE CRAZY AND CAN'T SEEM TO FIND IT >_< and as english is not my birth language i can't figure what he is saying. UGHT!

but thanks anyway :D
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Introductory post + question + request [15 Aug 2007|12:16pm]

All the music I have to share is up at onaji_michi or in my LJ (I generally upload the song I'm listening to and put it at the top). onaji_michi has three big artist posts: RAG FAIR (everything I own, which includes two of their harder-to-find albums), Remioromen (including their old stuff, again), and noodles.

And I have a couple of requests.Collapse )

I'm also wondering -- would it be possible to tag entries? Reading through every single entry is a bit time-consuming, even if it is interesting -- and frankly, I don't really have much time these days, so tags would really help with fast searching.

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Snowkel, anyone? [12 Aug 2007|12:47pm]

Anyone around here like Snowkel? They're on a major label but don't nearly get as much love as they should. I guess they'd classify as J-rock, but their music has a more melodic feel than the rock bands I'm familiar with, so it's sort of funny trying to fit them in a certain genre. I was sold on them since their second single "Namikaze Satellite," the seventh Naruto opening theme, and despite having songs as themes for two other anime and a movie, they still don't seem to be well-known. Aside from their music, I think all three members are really cute since they all wear glasses and kind of have the same haircuts. XD

So yah. Snowkel needs lurve.Collapse )
Join if you like? ^.^;;
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I'm new, please help! [04 Oct 2006|08:45pm]

I'm new to this commmunity, and I have been desperately searching for くるり (Quruli) music! I used to have their entire discography, all the albums and singles, but they were deleted off my backup hard drive and now I have nothing!

It would mean so much to me if people could help me out! :DDD
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:3 fujifabric FL~ [16 Aug 2006|12:22pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hope this is allowed :'D~!
I just finished the FL for the band Fuji Fabric, and I know some of you have to like them so yes XD!
though I still need to do the about section =3=/

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Doping Panda Comm [09 Apr 2006|12:36am]

New Doping Panda Community we_in_music
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Hey [24 Feb 2006|05:48pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey I'm new! I'm curious to learn more about Japanese indie bands and to share. I already like bands like NUMBER GIRL, ZAZEN BOYS, The Pillows, Art-School, etc. Here are some songs I recently uploaded

Artist- Shocking Lemon
Song- Unchain

Artist- The Pillows
Song- Advice


I don't know about Shocking Lemon being indie or not but I randomly got their music and found that I really liked it alot. I don't know much about them or anyone who knows them. So I share them, too.

Would anyone mind sharing some Sparta Locals with me info, music, anything?? I'm curious about this band. Thanks <3

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[14 Feb 2006|09:17am]

[ mood | dizzy ]

So, if you'll excuse me, this post is one part selfishness and one part sharing, so let's get the selfishness out of the way:

zazen_boys, anyone? Zazen Boys need a little bit more love, in my opinion, and since there didn't seem to be a community dedicated to them, I have created one. Please join if you like Zazen Boys.

Okay, now that the part where I act like a whore is out of the way, I give you some things. Mostly things I uploaded for friends or the like, and I didn't want the links to go to waste.

The Back Horn - Hajimete no Kokyuu de [single] [PV]

The Back Horn aren't really indie, but in keeping with the "major bands that still don't get all the attention they deserve" thing in the userinfo, I thought I'd post them. I think The Back Horn are starting to get more attention, but either way I don't think they'll ever have as much attention as they deserve, and if even one person here hasn't heard their music, then I'll be happy. That said, for the people (both of you!) who haven't heard them - their music is sort of hard for me to describe, because I feel like I would gush too much if I tried. Needless to say, they're an extremely solid, talented band fronted by a viciously passionate vocalist that (in my opinion) is one of the most enjoyable in music today. Not to mention Suganami can play that guitar like a wild man, it's genius to watch sometimes. Give them a try, if you haven't.

For some reason, the .rar file has two copies of track three. I have no idea why this is.

Anyways; if you don't already know, VOLA is the amazing ex-Zazen Boys ex-Number Girl drummer Ahito Inazawa's new band (and the reason he left Zazen Boys, allegedly). Inazawa (now under the name VOLA) has given up the drumsticks for the most part to do vocals and guitar (though the site still lists him as drums, they DO have their own drummer (from syrup16g), not to mention he is also listed as the guitarist and vocalist) and the vocals are something most of his fans have heard before in backups for Zazen and the like. It borders on the warble-y sometimes, though it does fit the frantic nature of some of their songs quite well. While the drummer is no Inazawa, he keeps up the feverish pace nicely. The guitars soar and halt suddenly, ripping along quickly with Inazawa's vocals that tend to leap all over the place. It's all pretty different in it's own way, a pretty good start for a new band.

NATSUMEN - Never Wear Out Your Summer xxx!!!

Natsumen seem to be, from my experience, a band you either love or hate. They're an eight-member band, so there's a lot going on there, and to some it may seem ridiculous to listen to, and others it may be something like genius. Two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, a keyboard/piano player, an alto-sax and a tenor sax, and a trumpet. All coming together to create something manic and amazing, if you're into it.

Shiina Ringo and Mukai Shutoku - KIMOCHI

Self-explanatory, isn't it? It's all novelty, two geniuses coming together so nicely, isn't it?

Enough of me blahblahblahing (I have too much time on my hands). I hope you find something you like.

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ME = NEW [13 Feb 2006|05:41pm]

I was clicking around magnumblade's links and I found myself here. A large majority of my posts on my livejournal are about japanese music, so I figured I post here as well.

In response to the mod's comments about not wanting to post stuff that everyone already knows about, I think you should just do it. Post everything you find relevant to the community no matter how small or large the news is. The goal afterall is to facilitate discussion and talk. There's a good member base already, all we need is topics. There's a lot of great sites and communities out there already that focus on japanese indie, and all their news content and discussions are very similar. The material across the internet is more or less the same, but we have the uniqueness of being on livejournal. So lets all generate some topics.

Here's a list of some of the sites I frequent, where interesting subjects are abound:



http://metropolis.japantoday.com/tokyo/recent/music_beat.asp (they have great articles, see past issues on the scroll bar near the bottom left)





My favorite label: http://www.1fct.com/ (home of downy, dhal, ooioo, spangle call lili line, spanova, speedometer, etc.) <-- that's killer right there.

I'll make some actual posts in the community after some studying for midterms. Talk to you guys soon.
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Hey [22 Jan 2006|07:08pm]

Hey new here, been looking for a place like this, some japanese bands I like are Downy, Dhal, Bugy Craxone, Number Girl, HeavensDust, Straightener and many others I can't think of at this moment. Sometimes I find it hard to be a fan of this music because it's so hard for me to buy it -_- seeing how I'm all the way in Canada.
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syrup16g [17 Jan 2006|11:45pm]
[ mood | old ]

it's been at least three hours today. add that to x amount of hours across x amount of days across x amount of months over the past year and a half since i first obtained a copy of syrup16g's "coup d'etat" (which is a life-altering album, in my opinion). lyrics, new stuff, news, if they've broken up, if they've done anything if they've broken up, ANYTHING. does anyone out there have any dirt on this band? please, i'm begging you. find me, kick me, wake me up, whatever. let me in on what you know. thank you.

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