Audny (audny_albatross) wrote in japaneseindie,

Introductory post + question + request

All the music I have to share is up at onaji_michi or in my LJ (I generally upload the song I'm listening to and put it at the top). onaji_michi has three big artist posts: RAG FAIR (everything I own, which includes two of their harder-to-find albums), Remioromen (including their old stuff, again), and noodles.

And I have a couple of requests:

-Grapefruit juice by noodles [mp3]
-Copies yesterday by noodles [mp3]
-RED BUNNY by noodles [mp3]
-Ever Fallen in Love with Someone You Shouldn't've by noodles [mp3]
-Permanent by YOKO of noodles [mp3]
-the ultimate trip by pleiadeath / IKUNO of noodles [mp3]
-Motorcycle Death by pleiadeath / IKUNO of noodles [mp3]
-Boyd by pleiadeath / IKUNO of noodles [mp3]
Most of these are from the Delicious Bump compilation albums Life Is Delicious, Go Delicious Go!, My Room is Delicious vol. 1, and My Room is Delicious vol. 2. I'd love to get the whole album of any of those, but I especially want the noodles-related mp3s.

-Ongaku to Egao by Yellow Cherry [mini-album]
-Hitotsu ni Naro by Yellow Cherry [mini-album]

-anything by Shakkazombie
-anything by Fureai (other than the Prince of Tennis single)
-anything by flow-war (other than the ID single)

I apologise for requesting so much, but I doubt anyone will have anything I've asked for anyway. :/

I'm also wondering -- would it be possible to tag entries? Reading through every single entry is a bit time-consuming, even if it is interesting -- and frankly, I don't really have much time these days, so tags would really help with fast searching.

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