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The Captains featured in Purple SKY Magazine

The Captains bring Romantic Garage Rock to New York, the World

If you've never been romanced by a man with a "rose that never wilts" or seen three men in identical red jackets jumping in unison on one leg while playing their instruments, well sisters and misters, have we got a band for you. Purple SKY Magazine introduces our cover artist for fall 2007, the self-proclaimed "Last Group Sounds" band, The Captains. In an exclusive interview with Kizuhiko, the eccentric leader takes us through Japan's early rock history and discusses, among other things, why he's earned the nickname "The Prince of Roses." Be prepared to swoon at the sight of the lush, full color photos of the band taken on location at Statue of Liberty Island.

The Captains aren't the only ones rockin' the boat, other indie acts are fighting for top billing, from fan favorite visual-kei artists like SID and Ayabie, to fresh faces like Back-On, Thee Out Mods, Sadie and ex-Psycho Le Cemu members seek and Aya's new monster mash, Mix Speaker's, Inc. But don't think the majors aren't in the mix, we have an exclusive you'll-never-see-this-in-Japan photo shoot and interview with hard rockers 12012, as well as Acid Black Cherry, Anna Tsuchiya, LM.C and Plastic Tree's Arimura Ryuutarou, following the band's groundbreaking performance at the Nippon Budokan.

Add a little indie love to your life this fall.

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Purple Sky is a quarterly English print publication dedicated to Japanese rock music and its alternative culture, sold in select Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Hot Topic stores throughout the US and at purpleskymagazine.com.
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